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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

We are back in business. We are home and things are going well. We are slowly getting back into routine. Braxton was sick all day yesterday with a bug and today Brazos has a touch of it. Maybe by weekend we will be back to normal and ready to go. So in honor of our return to Iowa and our home here is a list of 13 things we were glad to see in no particular order.

1. My husband
2. Brazos sleeping all night in his bed
3. Braxton sleeping all night in his bed
4. My new oven (my Christmas present from my loving husband)
5. My computer - did you miss me?
6. My Church family
7. Our friends
8. Routine for my boys
9. My car - I really do like my car
10. My bed
11. My comfort zone - it is always nice to be somewhere else - and always nice to come home
12. My house
13. My family back together

Special thanks to the family for letting us spend time with you. I know it is hard to have people impose on you for such a long time, but we do appreciate it. We had a lovely time and are glad that we could enjoy our time together. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

I am back and have a lot of updates to do this week. Stay tuned!!!

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